The British public has not even begun to understand the seriousness of what is happening to our country. This recent warning from Lord Sumption in a law lecture was an alarm for all those interested in preserving our democracy.

As 20 million people are under stay at home orders for Christmas, via another last-minute Ministerial diktat delivered via a press conference, and even the world’s borders are refusing us, alarms must ring louder than ever.

MPs have raised questions about the new coronavirus strain and Christmas restrictions for weeks. Yet barely more than a day after Parliament went on recess…

There is now an epidemic of live facial recognition surveillance in the UK. Police have been quietly rolling it out for four years, but now the floodgates have burst open. It’s no longer just the police, but the commercial sector that is tracking our faces.

We’ve discovered that shopping centres, museums, conference centres, casinos, bars — even convenience stores — are now using live facial recognition cameras in the UK. …

Always the trend-setter, Apple’s decisive action against Infowars has led to an unprecedented domino effect. After Apple delisted podcast links from the right-wing media outlet, Spotify soon followed. Facebook made a decision to ‘unpublish’ Infowars’ pages hours later, before the group’s main home, YouTube, said it had ‘terminated’ the group’s channel, watched by 2.5 million subscribers.

Hundreds of well-intentioned campaigners, commentators and even journalists are celebrating the public hanging of Infowars — but this style of execution benefits no one.

The major internet platforms are increasingly society’s chief arbiters of free speech. …

Silkie Carlo

Silkie Carlo, Director of civil liberties organisation Big Brother Watch, views here are my own.

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